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#0155 Unveiling DigiFuehr 2.0: Pioneering Digital Leadership Insights

Unveiling DigiFuehr 2.0: Pioneering Digital Leadership InsightsThe concept of digital leadership has emerged in Germany as a response to the increasing demand for a virtual platform addressing critical questions regarding work and business strategies. At its core, digital leadership emphasizes the efficient utilization of technologies to achieve business objectives.The DigiFuehr 2.0 model has been developed to address this issue. It assesses the digital leadership competence at the visual display unit workstation in municipal administrations. It comprises seven components, with only one related to co-determination, while the others focus on providing support. These components are evaluated on a four-point Likert scale, with the highest score indicating full agreement. Self-organization in business refers to the efficient assignment of tasks to subordinates without overlap.The study explores the potential integration of aspects of autonomous organization such as participation, self-determination, and coordination into the concept of digital leadership. The study assessed three adapted scales of the extended DigiFuehr version in comparison to the previously used version, which was primarily oriented towards support. Digital leadership is characterized as a framework for developing customer-focused and technology-integrated business models, distinct from e-leadership. Each component of the DigiFuehr 2.0 index embodies participation, self-determination, and coordination. The research aims to compare the original DigiFuehr version with one reduced and two extended versions. An online survey involving 422 employees at visual display unit workstations in German municipal administrations was conducted in April 2022.The study evaluated both local (or single-component) and global model fits. All four scales demonstrated good local fits, with only the scale extended by two elements, namely DigiFuehr 2.0, meeting the criteria for a global fit. Consequently, its application proves most accurate in predicting psychological stress, work satisfaction, and satisfaction with professional exchange during homeworking. DigiFuehr 2.0 exhibited an elevated overall scale value and is widely accessible. Notably, self-organization is not considered an independent component but rather intertwined with support, serving as a crucial indicator of a latent digital leadership culture.Overall the DigiFuehr scale aids in assessing digital leadership culture, facilitating practical use in occupational health contexts. DigiFuehr 2.0's expansion enhances its effectiveness, emphasizing self-organization within support-oriented leadership.

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